High-performance environmentally friendly bamboo based construction material

The construction industry is having a devastating impact on the environment and current post-disaster shelter provision is inadequate.

Bamboo as a construction material is lighter than steel or concrete but equally strong and a better insulator. With access to new and energy saving technology this innovation supports green construction, delivering a zero carbon and zero waste solution to the built environment. Its flexibility also ensures versatile and quick applications. BamBuild also educates the local community via a national bamboo community training centre.


  • Dr. Marzieh Kadivar

    Dr. Marzieh Kadivar

    University of São Paulo

    Dr. Marzieh Kadivar received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of São Paulo in Brazil. Her thesis focused on the development of high-performance bamboo-based materials through a densification process. Parallel to her Ph.D. studies in 2019, she started the BambUSP social project aiming to help low-income communities by educating them on the various uses of the bamboo plant through a series of workshops. This project was funded by the University of São Paulo. The outcome of her doctoral research alongside the positive impact created by the BambUSP project motivated her to establish BamBuild in October 2020. She received financial support from Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP), through a PIPE project (innovative research in small companies) dedicated to promoting the use of bamboo as a sustainable material. Marzieh is currently working as the CEO of BamBuild and is an LIF Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering. She also coordinates the BambUSP social project in Brazil.more

  • Mohammad Mehdi Samimi

    University of Tehran

    Mohammed Mehdi Samimi studied environmental economics and was responsible for the business model development for BamBuild. more

  • Holmer Savastano Junior

    University of São Paulo

    Full Professor of the Universidade de São Paulo. Deputy-Dean and Dean (2005-2009) of the School of Animal Sciences and Food Engineering (FZEA, Pirassununga campus), Universidade de São Paulo. Scholar Fellow at Princeton University (USA, 2002-2006). Co-Editor in Chief of the Brazilian Journal Ambiente Construído (Antac, 2010-2016). more

  • Milad Esmaeili

    Milad works on the marketing and communications for BamBuild. more

  • Hadiseh Maghami

    Hadiseh works as an IT consultant and is also the site and platform designer for BamBuild. more


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