Low-cost robotic device for measuring water quality

Assessing water quality in wetlands’ threatened ecosystems is an urgent but neglected task due to its high cost and risk to human health.

Float measures water quality data in real time providing information which is openly shared with the community via an app, putting the power to improve conditions into the hands of those most affected by them. Made from re-purposed materials, this autonomous device prevents humans from coming into contact with the hazardous water, improving safety and efficiency in gathering data.

Luisa Charles

  • Luisa Charles

    Luisa Charles

    Royal College of Art Imperial College London

    Luisa Charles is a design engineer with a background in interactive and experiential design, film, and installation artwork. She is a thinker, a maker, and a provocateur. With work that spans the intersections of art, design, science, and technology, she has been exhibited at Science museums, film festivals, and design weeks around the world. Fascinated by systems, and the convergence of and interactions between human, organic, synthetic, and technological systems, Luisa’s work often focuses on technoethics, social innovation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and biodesign. She has a strong belief in the emancipatory potential of design and new technologies to help make the world a more equitable and sustainable place to live, be it on a micro or macro scale. more

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