A Chance through a Glance


Communally inclusive rehabilitation center for young people

Juvenile detention centres are often unequipped to facilitate efficient mental, incorporeal, and educational reform programs that restrain the full rehabilitation of young offenders. As a result, a steady rise in recidivism takes place as the roots causing these behaviours are not addressed.

A Chance through a glance is a juvenile care and rehabilitation centre that integrates rehabilitation activities and programmes into the local community. The community’s consistent involvement in the programme emphasizes the importance of social interaction between juveniles in their relationship inside and outside the centre. Ensuring their return to society as productive individuals armed with profession, knowledge and skills acquired to complete their life path and join the labour market. - while reducing their likelihood to reoffend.

Noor Baarah

  • Noor Baarah

    Noor Baarah

    German Jordanian University

    I define myself as a passionate architectural engineer that wants to enhance the way people live. In my opinion, architecture is a universal language of lifestyles and emotions. After completing my studies at the German Jordanian University and doing an entire exchange year, I’m convinced that architecture should be a powerful medium to create functional yet beautiful spaces, tailored to each condition. Therefore, my primary step is raising awareness about how architecture can develop and create spaces that create a change in people’s lives. Finally, on that count, I continue to look for an opportunity to be that change.more

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