Kalima Charity


VR therapy for people with social phobia

Social phobia is a long term and overwhelming fear of social situations. What commonly starts out as an anxiety disorder during teenage years, often leads to negative effects that grow throughout an individual's life.

Kalima is a charity association to help individuals overcome social phobia via virtual reality therapy. The treatment works by gradually exposing the patient to triggering situations a harmless virtual environment that excludes physical or psychological effects of real.

The platform can be accessed through an online portal that is equipped to connect people to Kalima services and encourage them to try new experiences and meet new people.

Diana Hani Odeh

  • Diana Hani Odeh

    Diana Hani Odeh

    University of Sharjah

    I am a graphic designer, who graduated from Sharjah university. After a long successful journey in university, I'm willing to major in Arabic typography specifically Arabic calligraphy, In which I find myself creative at. Furthermore, I'm willing to enhance this field with other creative fields such as merging calligraphy with interior home decor.more


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