An adrenaline pen for life on the run

Adrela is a smaller, more compact alternative to the standard adrenaline pen. Adrenaline pens are frequently used to treat severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. They work by injecting adrenaline into the user’s body, causing the blood pressure to rise, which brings down swelling. Based on extensive research, Adrela completely redesigns the most popular auto-injector to suit the user’s needs, with a particular focus on size reduction. The result is a significantly improved adrenalin pen that is available in an adult model and a child option that includes additional safety features.

William Charteris

  • William Charteris
    Nottingham Trent University

    Design has been a passion, as well as a life choice for as long as i can remember. Design is more than a product, its a movement, an idea, a process, a vision! I want to be able to implement positive change to individuals lives inherently. My vision to make this possible is primarily through the means of medical design, with a particular focus within the category of slimline auto-injectors; such as the epinephrine (otherwise known as Adrenaline) auto-injector. The end goal is to produce a small, yet functional autojector for the masses around the globe.more


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