Design for Parkinson’s Disease


Design companions for Parkinson's patients

Design for Parkinson's Disease is a pair of tools for treating and living with Parkinson’s disease. The Walking Device is a cane designed for patients who are in early stages of the disease. Its soft, serrated wheels guide the user, helping her to anticipate and avoid any obstacles. Its elegant form is not designed to bear the user’s full weight, but simply to assist and reassure. The Pill Box is a daily pill container that doubles as a hand-training tool. Many Parkinson’s patients gradually lose strength in their hands as the disease advances. The Pill Box encourages them keep their hands active while offering a physical reminder to take their medicine.

Yuan Shao (Paul Gulla) Wu

  • Yuan Shao (Paul Gulla) Wu
    Pratt Institute

    Having his bachelor degree training in Physics and master degree in Industrial and Product Design, Paul sees design as a process of analyzing imagination and portraying rationality. It is neither like an engineering challenge which dealing straightforwardly with problems nor like an artistic project which creates reflection of a creator's own perspective. It is, most of the time, a progressive compromise of putting everything we have at the time together creatively and reasonably.more

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