This ring reads for you

FingerReader is a wearable device that reads printed text out loud, giving the visually impaired the ability to access information anywhere. The system is based on a small camera that the user directs toward a text. FingerReader scans the text and provides feedback — either through touch or sound — that guides the user’s finger along a line of words, while computer vision algorithms generate the corresponding audio in real time. The effect is a kind of translation, in which whatever the user’s finger ‘sees’ is instantaneously rendered into sound.

Augmented Human Lab

  • Augmented Human Lab
    The University of Auckland

    The Augmented Human Lab focuses on exploring ways of creating assistive augmentations, enabling users to carry out a task or even turn them users into a “super-humans” with capabilities well beyond the ordinary regardless of where they stand in the continuum of sensorial ability and disability. Our current research encompasses the design and development of new sensory-substitution systems, user interfaces and interactions to enhance sensorial and cognitive capabilities. We apply our research work in diverse application domains, including Assistive technology, Independent living for the ageing population. Learning beyond classroom. These application domains particularly pertain to the Lab's vision of enhancing how we live, work & play and humanising the technology.more


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