See the sea as a diver does

The Aquatic Immersive Observation System, or AIOS, is a drone designed for exploring and recording the ocean. It uses a spherical lens system to take immersive 360° videos underwater. The footage can be downloaded and reviewed on any multimedia device, preferably on Virtual Reality headsets for the most realistic experience. Regardless of the format, AIOS allows anyone with access to a smartphone to have a diver’s immersive underwater experience — with no training or risks required.

Robin Lee Held

  • Robin Lee Held
    University of Wuppertal/ Bergische Universität Wuppertal

    Robin Lee Held is a junior industrial designer from Düsseldorf, Germany, who graduated in 2016 with his diploma "AIOS" in industrial design at the university of Wuppertal, Germany. After studying abroad in the US and several internships in Chicago, he now works as an industrial designer together with two former university collegues at Bacon Design - a young design agency focussing on industrial design, UX, brand incubation and strategy situated in Frankfurt, working hand-in-hand with the Braun Design Team in Kronberg, which is well known for it's iconic product design history.more

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