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FIND-X is community-controlled vehicle for underwater exploration by experts and amateurs. This underwater drone is controlled remotely by mobile signals, making it theoretically available to anyone with a smartphone. FIND-X is composed of three parts — a dedicated website, a floating module and a rover. Through the site, the community can access and control FIND-X remotely using a 3G or 4G mobile signal. On the ocean’s surface, the floating module receives the operators’ mobile signals and communicates them to the rover at the bottom of the ocean. The module also collects energy through solar panels, allowing the device to be used without having to pause to refuel.

Manuel Rosales

  • Manuel Rosales
    Aalto University

    Findia is a multidisciplinary team from Aalto University in collaboration with Indian School of Design & Innovation. The team designed and prototyped FIND-X, the first Community Controlled Vehicle (CCV) that allows people to explore and research into the unknown under the seas. The project was realized in Product Development Project course at Design Factory Finlandmore

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