Anti-viral Delivery Container


Safe delivery packaging

Many home delivery containers and bags are made of plastic, which can lengthen the lifetime of viruses up to 72 hours. . Contactless Delivery Containers are made of medical grade kraft paper, along with a QR code that tracks the package’s interaction before delivery. The material prevents viral proliferation within 10 hours and can be used inside sterilizing machines.

Erick Iroel Heredia Carrillo

  • National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

    Erick Iroel Heredia Carrillo, born in Mexico City in 1984, is a Master in Industrial Design from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He is a postgraduate teacher of Industrial Design and leads the Digital Manufacturing Laboratory UNAM FabLab. He also teaches postgraduate courses at the National Institute of Fine Arts and at the bachelor's level at the Iberoamerican University, the research topics that he carries out in the postgraduate course are "New technologies for design" where, among other things, he studies meta-materials, new energy sources, production processes and new currents of design towards sustainability.more

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