Antiviral Gloves


Gloves that act as a desinfectant agent

Contrary to medical gloves that serve as a barrier between germs and the skin hands, the antiviral gloves can reduce the spread of infections. By using a disinfectant agent (Chlorhexidine and Chloroxylenol), the antiviral glove kills virused surfaces upon contact.

Samar Samy Gouda

  • American University of Sharjah

    Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Samar Gouda studied Graphic Design from the American University of Sharjah and has a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication, Minor in Design management. During her three years in the design field and supplemented by a small measure of experience in architecture and product design, Samar has gained valuable experience interacting with people from different backgrounds. She worked on several projects and learnt different creative processes. Her aim is to always think outside the box and solve challenging briefs and work in a creative environment. Samar always had enthusiasm for designing products that can improve and aid people’s lives. Through her experience, Samar believes it’s all about trying to link customer needs to product attributes.more

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