Compagnons de turbulences / turbulence playmate


Grounding toys for children with ADHD

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can find it hard to concentrate, and easily grow impatient or frustrated. Working with medical professionals and families of children with ADHD, the designer has produced a series of three toys to help children concentrate at home, channel excess energy and facilitate better relationships with their parents. ‘Elastic’, a balancing game with elastic bands, allows children and parents to directly engage with each other in a trust exercise, while ‘Sandals’ and ‘Mat with balancing modules’ offer playful balancing exercises for the child, helping them to concentrate by physically grounding them in the game.

Fanny Pellier

  • Fanny Pellier
    École Boulle

    Graduated in product design with a master degree l'ecole Boulle and l'ENSAAMA in Paris, I aim to design with a prospective and a multidisciplinary approach. I am working on products, services, space and graphism. My design practice is user centered lead by curiosity, empathy and exchanges with the consumer.more

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