Familie Hempel


A furniture series to celebrate mess

Every household has a chair whose sole purpose is to be piled with clothes, worn but not quite ready to go to the washing machine. While typically seen as a sign of mess, Familie Hempel acknowledges the ubiquity and value of this piece of the domestic landscape through a series of chairs that accommodate and celebrate the chaos of domestic life. The title is inspired by an old German saying, ‘Your room looks like the Hempel family’s place!’ – a typical exclamation by parents when they see their child’s messy room.

Marie Radke

  • Marie Radke
    University of the Arts Berlin (UdK – Berlin)

    I recently graduated at the university of arts in berlin. (April 2019)I worked for Martha Schwindling and bartmann berlin and I am working as a freelancer. Next to my work as a product designer i worked for brands and shows as a set designer. I like designs with a mix of humor, innovation and colours. I am 31 Years old and live in Berlin.more


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