An algae filter to clean polluted waterways

It is estimated that fifty per cent of fresh water in Europe is polluted, posing a serious threat to underwater life. Control N is a scalable proposal to reduce nitrogen pollution in fresh water, using controlled algae cultivation as a natural filter to clean water of excess nitrates and other pollutant compounds. The project has been developed as a sustainable business solution whereby algae is collected, sold and used as bio-fertilisers once it has served its purpose in the filtration system. This in turn allows for the production and installation of further filters. The ultimate goal is to clean the entire flow of the Po River in Italy in just one year by installing a million Control N units.

Mario de Matteo

  • Collège des Ingénieurs

    MBA fellow by Collège des Ingénieurs. Investment Analyst and Material Engineer with experience in both technical and managerial field. Energetic and result driven professional with the ability to adapt in dynamic and international environment. Curious traveller and wine lover.more

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