Ed-tech device that enhances learning experience for low-vision learners

Traditional learning methods for the visually impaired are too often monotonous and discouraging.

Curio enhances the experience of visual and physical therapy by allowing the child to use a range of gestures and movements to control a light matrix. This assists therapists and teachers to incentivise the process of therapy, creating a fun and engaging experience. The device uses an actuator to read data points, which are translated into an animation displayed on the matrix.

Nikhilesh Mohan

  • Nikhilesh	Mohan

    Nikhilesh Mohan

    Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)

    Nikhilesh Mohan is a Product & Multimedia Designer aspiring to create and realize products that allow for a range of opportunities for a diversity of people to participate in experiences. Through his undergraduation at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, Nikhilesh has developed the skill of creating technically sound products and communicating them to the masses through a range of mediums.more

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