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Smart glasses for visually impaired children

For visually impaired children, limited cognition and lack of visual perception make it difficult for them to communicate with others.

These glasses encourage exploration of everyday scenes and objects. The system is designed in two parts comprising intelligent sunglasses with onboard camera, and a connected touchable album replicating recorded objects in a manner perceptible through touch. The device will enable children to record information that they wish to learn about and share it with others.


  • Sheng Yang

    Sheng Yang

    Zhejiang University

    Sheng Yang, a master student of industrial design engineering at Zhejiang University, has been granted three utility model patents in China. He has won many prestigious awards, such as K-Design, Spark Design and the China Packaging Creative Design Competition. His research interests are human-computer interaction and interactable interface research. more

  • Ailin Yu

    Ailin Yu

    Zhejiang University

    Ailin Yu, master student of industrial design engineering at Zhejiang University, recipient of China National Scholarship and Tang Lixin Scholarship. She has won many international design awards, such as Michelin Challenge Design Winner, K Design Winner, etc. Now, she is interested in UX/UE research area. more

  • Fengyu Wang
  • Jiacheng Cao

    Jiacheng Cao

    Zhejiang University

    ​​​​​​Jiacheng Cao, Ph.D of Software Engineering, Zhejiang University. I have received one invention patent and eight appearance patents. I have joined and won many well-known awards, such as Bronze Award of China Invention Exhibition, DIA award, and A'Design award. My research interest is human-computer interaction, especially in VR andTUI. more

  • Deyin Zhang

    Deyin Zhang

    Zhejiang University

    Deyin Zhang is currently a Ph.D student at Zhejiang University and also works as a part-time teacher at the Zhejiang University City College. Deyin was amongst the first batch of intermediate user experience designers on a provincial level in China. He won the Chinese National Scholarship and the Jiang Zhen Scholarship. He has also been granted 4 Chinese national patents for his work. more

  • Shuyue Feng

    Shuyue Feng

    Zhejiang University

    Feng Shuyue is a Master's student at Zhejiang University. His research interests include human-computer interaction, digital fabrication and media design. He likes to explore new ideas that are at the intersection of design and technology. more


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