Interactive mirror to promote body positivity

The ubiquitous and seemingly harmless mirror is a common trigger for people with body image issues.

Maeve is an adaptive intervention mirror and app. It works in conjunction with cognitive behaviour therapy to disrupt negative behaviours in moments of need and aims to make therapy more effective and meaningful. The goal of the project is to turn the mirror from an anxiety stimulant into a healing tool, to support people throughout the entire recovery journey.


  • Zining Liang

    Zining Liang

    University of Pennsylvania

    Zining is a nimble, research driven and human-centered creative. She comes from a background in social design, product design and mechanical engineering. She enjoys meeting people, learning and trying new things and solving problems. For this project, she was heavily involved in the entire process, specifically in project management, engineering design and prototyping and testing. She and Sarah further developed Maeve in the Pennovation Accelerator after graduation. more

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  • Rachel Cole

    Rachel Cole

    University of Pennsylvania

    Rachel is a humanity-inspired visual artist and service designer. She comes from a wide variety of experiences, having started her career in technology consulting for the US Federal Government. She’s passionate about understanding how products can directly help the human experience, and is happiest when working on projects that contribute to advances in mental or physical health, social justice, and social services. Rachel is now working in the generative AI space as the Product Manager and Designer at a venture-backed startup. more

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  • Abigail Stein

    Abigail Stein

    University of Pennsylvania

    Abigail is an enthusiastic product innovator. She comes from a background in mechanical engineering, computer science and product design. She enjoys integrating exciting technology into innovative products to improve the everyday lives of people. Abigail is working as a Product Manager at Microsoft in the Security space. more

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  • Sarah Nowell

    Sarah Nowell

    University of Pennsylvania

    Sarah is a curious designer, problem solver and creator. She comes from a background in physics, graphic design and product design. She enjoys combining the unexpected to create innovative, unique and memorable projects. She is passionate about creating products that make the world a better place. Sarah is currently working in the healthcare space as a UX Designer. more

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