Cost-effective portable alternative to the traditional defibrillator

Cardiac arrest is the number one cause of global deaths, 80% of which happen at home

Defi is an easy to carry device operated by using a mobile phone as a power source and computing unit for its operation. The technology exploits the fast-charging standards of modern mobile phones to increase the phone's voltage from 3.7V to 2000V for supplying the defibrillation shock.


  • Alon Gilad

    Alon Gilad

    Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

    Alon is a multi-disciplinary engineering enthusiast. Coming from a strong background in mechanical engineering, M.Eng candidate for Biomedical Engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute Of Technology. My life's passion is problem solving. Breaking down large problems into small, practical solutions. My goal is to make a significant contribution to global health and save lives by combining my creativity and interests in engineering to solve humanity's most difficult challenges. more

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  • Idan Shenfeld

    Idan Shenfeld

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Solving technological problems is my passion. Coming from a background of algorithmic research and hardware development in companies like Samsung and General Motors, I believe that creativity and intimate understanding of the problem and the product are the keys to success. Currently I’m a Phd candidate at MIT’s Embodied Intelligence lab. My work focus on enabling AI agents to come out of the virtual world and interact with the physical one. more

  • Ravit Abel

    Ravit Abel

    Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

    I am a chemical engineer with a background in hardwear. Passionate about finding new medical and healthcare technology solutions to improve our world and create an impact. I am currently a P.hD candidate in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Technion, at the targeted drug delivery and personalized medicine technologies lab. The focus of my research is on developing photocatalytic nanosystems for medical applications. more

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