Divergent Potential


A data visualisation tool to assess creativity

This is a novel data-visualisation technique used to study how perception influences divergent thinking. Using artificial intelligence to rapidly dissect and classify raw natural language, a three-dimensional model can be constructed based on the words used by each tested individual in response to a given brief. The resulting constellation is representative of the individual's perceptual model for a distinct artefact, and can be used to forecast their relative ability to think creatively when generating new ideas around that artefact.

Aaron McEuen

  • Aaron McEuen
    University of Houston

    Aaron McEuen is an experienced industrial designer with a background in higher education. Currently teaching industrial design at the University of Houston, Aaron also manages the Keeland Design Exploration lab. A strong believer in advancing the design disciplines through scholarly work, Aaron hopes to pursue research to the benefit of the design community.more


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