DIY Hand Sanitiser Pouch


A system to optmise hand sanitiser use

Personal hand-sanitiser gel dispensers are generally available in small plastic bottles, each supplying approximately 50 portions for use. How can the supplies available be used more efficiently? . Anyone with access to a standard zip-lock plastic bag can use it to optmise the consumption of hand-sanitiser by up to 5 times. By evenly spreading 2ml of hand-sanitiser inside a bag, one can use it to safely coat both hands several times.

David Thiel

  • Griffith University

    Professor David Thiel (PhD, FIEAust, CPEng) is an established academic and researcher in the School of Engineering and Built Environment at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia). While working across many disciplines, his contribution is mainly in electronics, sensors and communications engineering. In 2018 he established and now leads a small research group addressing the Griffith Engineering Grand Challenge titled “Emergency Drinking Water Solutions” to provide safe, potable water through filtration and UV disinfection using a lightweight, 2 liter, solar powered system. The containers can be readily deployed by drone or helicopter and can provide at least 250 liters of water to provide emergency drinking water extracted from dirty water sources available on site.more

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