Dodo in the Room


A questioning look at de-extinction

Developments in biotechnologies are making the fantasy of ‘de-extinction’ a near reality. Bringing extinct species back to life appears to be an environmental miracle, with its promise of captive breeding and return to the wild, but are there less-ideal outcomes that ought to be considered? Dodo in the Room explores what it means to bring a vanished species back to life through the lens of a domestic companionship with an un-extinct dodo. Blurring the line between utopia and dystopia, it prompts us to consider the repercussions of our own scientific capabilities as well as our current value systems – as they are projected into the future.

Hayriye Ege Kökel

  • Hayriye Ege Kökel
    University of Applied Arts Vienna

    Ege Kökel is a designer with a multidisciplinary approach. She received her master's degree in Industrial Design/Design Investigations from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her interest lies in the intersection of emerging technologies, science and design. She has exhibited her work internationally, including at Shanghai Biennale, Vienna Biennale, Istanbul Design Biennale and London Design Festival.more

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