Exponent Keyboard


Keyboard for encouraging women to write using stronger, more active language

The Exponent Keyboard is a tool that enables women to build more assertive vocabularies to express themselves more forcefully in male-dominated environments. The design reimagines the conventional keyboard, shrinking it and opening up space for the introduction of keys specifically for power verbs. Making use of female cognitive advantages and finer motor skills, this new keyboard contains keys for specific words, including claim, disagree, and insist. The keyboard tracks keystrokes and uses its own server to analyse usage and generate missing power verbs from individual lexicons. By forming more confident and assertive vocabularies, the Exponent Keyboard empowers female communication in the workplace.

Roya Ramezani

  • Roya Ramezani
    School of Visual Arts

    Roya is a San Francisco based interdisciplinary designer and story teller, currently working at JPMorgan Chase & Co as a design strategist. She has a Physics and computer science background with a bachelor’s degree from the York/Sheridan Program in Design in Toronto, Canada. After 4 years of honing her skills as a visual thinker, she moved to NYC to pursue her MFA at products of design program at SVA. Exponent is the product of her one-year long master’s thesis project. Her favorite human is Ada Lovelace and her favorite poet is Rumi. Her interests span a wide variety of areas such as interaction design, data visualization, communication & graphic design, motion graphics, and photography. She mostly focuses on designing products and experiences that inspire people to do what inspires them. She’s constantly exploring and deepening her identity as a designer and is specifically curious about learning more on the world of human computer interactions.more

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