Solar-powered food dehydration machine

Up to 40% of fruit and vegetables in Pakistan are wasted post-harvest due to their short shelf-life and transport delays

Farmality is an efficient and cost-effective farm-based device producing premium dried food products, thus reducing waste. It is a solar-powered, connected machine which works under controlled environmental conditions, meaning more consistent results than open sun drying and is more cost effective than electrical dehydration.


  • Umair Ahmad

    Umair Ahmad

    Kaplan Financials

    Hi, I am Umair. I have done ACCA from Kaplan Finacials, UK. I have a good business background & currently I am manager of the finance team of one of the top universities of Pakistan. I am enthusiastic about developing businesses. I have a drive to uplift financials of low-income farmers of developing countries more

  • Zainab Sajjad

    Zainab Sajjad

    National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

    Hi, I am Zainab. I have done bachelors in electrical engineering from NUST, Pakistan. I have been looking at all the hardware side of the product.Having a passion for technology, I am motivated to implement innovative technologies that make lives safer and promote food sustainability.more

  • Iram Fatima Aulakh

    Iram Fatima Aulakh

    National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

    Hi, I am Iram. I have done bachelors in electrical engineering from NUST, Pakistan. I have been looking at the software side and app development and in parallel I have a passion for marketing. Currently I am also handling FARMALITY’s instagram shop as well.My people's skills and emotional intelligence has led me to design every aspect of our product giving exceptional experience to our end users. more

  • Hasan Arshad Nasir

    Hasan Arshad Nasir

    University of Melbourne

    Hi, I am Hasan. I have done Phd in Electrical Engineering from University of Melbourne, Australia. I have extensive experience in both academics and industry. Currently, I am leading a data science team in one of B2B retail startups in Pakistan. Having multiple experiences in the B2B space, I have developed a passion to establish large-scale processes boosting social impact. more



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