An angled inhaler to encourage proper use

A recent study in the UK found that asthma inhalers are used incorrectly seventy to ninety per cent of the time. With correct inhaler usage, fifty per cent of medicine reaches the lungs; however, over time complacency leads to users adopting a poor technique, in which as little as seven per cent of medicine is inhaled. Flohaler aims to ensure maximum medicine inhalation into the lungs by encouraging the user to adopt correct posture and technique when using the device. The unique design prompts the user to grip rather than pinch the inhaler, while the angled mouthpiece encourages them to lift their chin, straightening their throat and ensuring correct inhalation.

James Plimmer

  • James Plimmer
    Nottingham Trent University

    With a user focused approach to design, James looks to address core issues through his work. Using research and ideation tools, user insights and key findings and are broken down into priorities, specifying key areas for design and development to be undertaken within. Often the simplest solutions are the best, through filtering these complex problems, considered solutions can be created. This approach of using design to positively impact social needs is what inspires the work James does.more

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