Social media motivation for healthy eating

Fruitmoji is an Augmented Reality lens built for Snapchat that encourages kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. The project uses Snapchat Lens Studio to create an interactive incentive for better eating. The code lives on the fruit stickers, and the more fruit you eat, the more your Fruitmoji grows. Users are encouraged to take videos of their Fruitmojis to share with friends. They can also collect and grow their own Fruitmojis by scanning fruit and vegetable stickers in Snapchat. The project is part of a larger study into how designers can make small tweaks to existing digital platforms to cultivate consumer well-being.

Family (Mengyuan) He

  • Family (Mengyuan) He
    Rhode Island School of Design

    Family is happiest when connecting the dots between disciplines. Her projects surprise, delight and challenge the status quo, searching for small interventions with disproportionate impacts. With a BA in Economics from Harvard College and a MA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design, she is building technology products and systems that facilitate habit formation and behavior change. Previously she worked at Google, Apple, and various startups and nonprofits. Family is a winner of a Webby Award and multiple Google Platinum Marketing Awards. She received the Alexander Graham Bell award for innovative design at RISD and was a finalist for the K Design Award. Her works were exhibited at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the 2018 Dubai Design Week.more

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