Geoidentity – Logging the Border


A universal academic passport

Displaced persons are often forced to leave their homes suddenly and do not have access to important personal documents, making it difficult for them to establish themselves in a host country. Geoidentity: Logging the Border proposes a new type of electronic passport, in which a person’s academic qualifications are logged and validated through a blockchain platform. Qualifications are uploaded by the awarding institution and available to verify anywhere in the world, allowing displaced persons to assert their credentials and ensure that they are properly valued in their host country.

Giorgia Maria Malandrino

  • Giorgia Maria Malandrino
    NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts

    My name is Giorgia Malandrino, I'm 24 years old and I am from Italy. I have already completed my MA in Communication Design at NABA University in Milan, in connection with a thesis project research in South America, with the Universidad diego Portales in Santiago of Chile. I am currently working in London as a communication & social designer. My ikigai every morning is to understand how design can effect positive social-global change, through proposals for systems that become part of the dynamic tissue of our life. Co-design new solutions with a variegated team of experts all over the world and with the communities who live the problems we want to resolve, allowed the creation of unknown design paths, where every single person teach me how to find Jugaad, a Hindi word that means "An intelligent solution to fight against adversity.more

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