A glove you can top-up with steriliser

One of the solutions to cope with lack of health care supplies is to develop reusable materials. Project Germinator identified photoactive materials that act against viruses when exposed to light, which can be applied to silicone - so gloves can be produced with three key componenets in times of Covid-19: disinfection, re-usability and functionality. They can be re-exposed to photoactive material and regain its desinfection properties continuously.

Team Germinator

  • Collège des Ingénieurs

    Team Germinator is a group of young Italian engineers and science graduates with a strong interest in innovation and multi-disciplinarity. All the team members are currently attending an MBA at Collège des Ingénieurs to complement their technical background with business skills in an international environment. Comprised of five Italian engineers with background in Materials, Nanotechnology and Industrial engineering. They are currently also involved in the Innovation for Change program in collaboration with CERN and CDI, with the aim of tackling challenges related to SDGs leveraging CERN technologies.more

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