A controlled way to return to normality

A controled way to return to normality. Following a period of social distancing, monitoring crowds in public spaces can be key for allowing a progressive return to social interaction. Technology can play a key role to allow a systematic lifting of social interaction restrictions, whilst preventing the new contamination waves. HealthLift proposes the use of beacon technology to monitor crowd density and alert individuals about the risk level of registered locations.


  • Farhad Elahi Shirazi

    University of the Arts Tehran

    Farhad Elahi Shirazi graduated in Industrial Design from California State University and Tehran University of Art. He is a university lecturer and freelance designer. His main focus is on Design Thinking, Innovation and problem solving process. He has worked on many professional Design projects in US, Italy and Iran.more

  • Mehdi A.Fallah

    University of the Arts Tehran

    Mehdi A.Fallah is graduated in Industrial Design from University of Tehran and now he is PhD candidate on Entrepreneurship in this university. He is faculty member and has been former director of ID department in Tehran University of Art. His main focus is Design Thinking and Business Design. He has worked as Design consultant and Business developer with many International and National brands.more

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