Ear-tag/app combination to help farmers manage cattle rotation

Fencing required for rotational grazing often comes at a high cost for cattle farmers.

Rotational grazing improves pasture production, increases carbon sequestration and means more animals can be kept on the same plot. This cattle ear tag integrates bluetooth, GPS, and speakers helping farmers manage their cattle with virtual fences. Heard’s app stores health history and information for each specific cow allowing them to be monitored and moved when necessary.


  • Caroline Fong

    Caroline Fong

    Harvard University

    Caroline is an empathic innovator committed to partnering with global communities to create sustainable, user-driven initiatives. She has over five years of experience working in East Africa including time working with the Peace Corps and the International Rescue Committee. Her focus in the Master in Design Engineering program is user research, data analysis and visualization, and behavioral science. more

  • Steven Morse

    Steven Morse

    Harvard University

    Steven is a second year in the Harvard Masters of Design Engineering program. Prior to joining MDE he was an engineer for a satellite communications company and worked for a non-profit focused on delivering adult education programs to women in poverty settings. While in MDE Steven has studied Behavioral Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Policy Analysis. He hopes to blend these topics to create impact centered design interventions in the future. Since joining grad school, Steven has enjoyed interning for Autodesk, NASA JPL, and the NYC Mayor’s Office of the CTO. more

  • Manav Sahani

    Manav Sahani

    Harvard University

    Manav is a Design Engineering Master's student at Harvard Universitymore

  • Jiabin Wei

    Jiabin Wei

    Harvard University

    Jiabin is a data-driven innovator and a second year graduate student at Harvard. Coming from a mixed urban planning and data science background, he has been dedicating himself to leveraging machine learning algorithms and new data sources to study the spatial economics of city development and urbanization. He is currently exploring ideas of how to build a more inclusive city future with the aid of AI technologies. Before MDE, J.B. led several studies in the Beijing sub-center urban design project and enjoyed work at JLL and CICC. He also found two start-ups. more



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