Infinity Mascara


This mascara lasts for a decade.

Infinity Mascara is a new approach to mascara that significantly reduces waste. Each year, nearly one billion tubes of mascara are sold worldwide. The vast majority of these are sent to landfill after less than six months of use. Infinity Mascara proposes a more sustainable alternative. The project replaces the disposable mascara tube with a reusable capsule that can be refilled when needed. The common mascara brush is replaced by a specially designed fingertip applicator that can last up to ten years. After three to six months, the applicator and outer casing are reused, and the refill component replaced, keeping all components in a closed loop system and significantly reducing environmental and financial waste.

Pippa Bridges

  • Pippa Bridges
    Loughborough University

    Pippa is a First Class Industrial Design and Technology graduate from Loughborough University, England. Passionate about sustainable design, Pippa saw the opportunity to apply this to the untapped beauty industry, designing patent-pending Infinity Mascara. She won the 2017 RSA Student Design Awards and James Dyson Foundation Bursary, amongst other achievements. She now works in north England at a small product design consultancy. In her spare time she enjoys illustration, surfing and volunteering.more

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