Tools for precision, pesticide-free farming

KLEA is a drone service designed to provide farmers with a non-chemical approach to pest control. The project provides the user with multispectral analysis that can be used for early detection of insect infestations. Based on this analysis, farmers can define a targeted application of biological pest control, based on the release of natural predators, thus avoiding the need for chemical pesticides. KLEA combines two services that are, until now, separated: the analysis of a field and an immediate response to the results through the release of beneficial insects. It could help small farming businesses to cultivate without the use of pesticides. By using the service, farmers can enjoy the benefits of high tech, precision farming without the need for expensive large scale equipment.

Judith Block

  • Judith Block
    Offenbach University of Art and Design

    I began my studies at HfG Offenbach in 2012 with the aim to learn how to influence production in a sustainable way. After I finished my undergraduate I decided that it‘s time to meet the agency world and gathered work-experience trough diverse internships. After a year of gaining experience in a landscape architecture bureau, a design agency and an editorial office of a design magazine, I felt it was about time to focus on my graduation and complete my studies. In result of my studies at HfG Offenbach, my diploma-thesis focusses on the one question, which I dealt with for the past years: How can design influence the world in a sustainable way?more

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