Agricultural Tourism Re-imagined


A desert destination for agritourists

Agricultural Tourism, Re-imagined is the first solar-powered agricultural tourism destination in the United Arab Emirates. It is designed to connect travellers and residents to the natural beauty, local materials and emerging designers of the Emirates through sustainable desert living. Mindful that the future inevitably brings unforeseen innovations, the project is designed to be easily updated and readily accommodate continuous advancements in technology and infrastructure. The design’s application of modular prefabrication enables smooth assembly while surpassing standard environmentally-friendly practices, thus advancing housing construction in the UAE and elsewhere. Within the house, integrated technology enhances user experiences by quietly monitoring, automating and optimizing house functions with minimal environmental footprint and user input.


  • Team NYUAD
    New York University Abu Dhabi (NYU)

    Team NYUAD is a group of undergraduate students at New York University Abu Dhabi, hailing from 15 countries, focused on the mission of creating the first solar-powered agricultural tourism destination in the UAE, connecting travelers and residents to the natural beauty, local materials, and emerging designers of the Emirates through sustainable desert living. Formed in 2016, the collective has designed, modeled, and constructed a new vision for off-grid residential housing, working together with partners from government and industry to realize an experimental home whose sub-elements may help shape the future of building in the UAE.more

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