Where an IV drip wherever you want

IV-Walk is an intravenous system that can be worn, giving hospital patients more freedom to move. The drip is encased in soft fabric and worn over the patient’s shoulders for ultimate comfort. The device offers a more mobile alternative to the metal poles usually used to support intravenous (IV) systems. Instead of hanging from a pole, fluids are stored in pouches and pumped through a tube into the hand. This allows patients to walk around more freely, enabling them to get the fresh air and exercise that accelerate recovery. Should a patient take a walk around the hospital, nurses can track the drip through a connected system that alerts them if there is a problem with its pump.

Alissa Rees

  • Alissa Rees
    Design Academy Eindhoven

    I am a concept designer with a special interest in healthcare design. I graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017, with the book 'Humanising of the white building' that contains twenty concepts to humanise the hospital. One of the concepts is the IV-Walk, a portable IV-Pole to stimulate mobility. This product won two important innovation awards, the Accenture innovation Award and the BrainsAward 2017. I have a great interest in human beings and their behaviour. I always say 'I design for the ten seconds of believing that we are in the right place'. Currently I am able to give lectures, interviews and workshops all over the world to share my story, my knowledge and to create a humanised and so called balanced hospital together.more

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