Jelly Drops


Drinks in a drop for dementia patients

Jelly Drops are super hydrating treats designed to meet the needs and utilize the abilities of people with dementia. While many dementia patients struggle to carry out simple tasks, such as eating and drinking, this engaging, easy-to-eat format excites and encourages them to independently feed themselves throughout the day. Eating a box of Jelly Drops can be equivalent to drinking over a litre of water.

Lewis Hornby

  • Lewis Hornby
    Royal College of Art

    I've recently graduated from the Innovation Design Engineering course at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Whilst my background is in Civil Engineering and many of my projects during the course have been tech focused, I wanted to take a new approach for my graduating project and tackle a more human centred problem. I designed Jelly Drops in response to my grandmother's struggle with dehydration, and the output is the result of insights gained by weeks of living in her care home. This experience was invaluable in guiding me to a source of hydration people with dementia would interact with, and it was also a good opportunity to see more of my Grandma Pat!more


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