An anonymous outlet for your deepest fears

Lacu is a tool for experiencing a secure, anonymous and therapeutic interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Inspired by peoples’ tendency to suppress negative feelings, this wall-mounted device encourages users to verbalize their problems or anxieties in order to find a solution. The Lacu prototype incorporates technology from IBM’s Watson supercomputer to detect and then visualize keywords that users say. At the end of each session, Lacu provides a printed receipt that gives an edited review of what was said. Although it has various applications, Lacu could be particularly effective in the workplace, where its AI can securely and anonymously analyse recurring issues and flag them as areas in need of remedying.

Studio Beck

  • Royal College of Art

    Studio Beck consists of members with inter and non-disciplinary background including but not limited to art, design, engineering and technology. We aspire to imagine and prototype artifacts that not only allows us to communicate to discuss the future of ourselves but furthermore expands our understanding of culture, technology and ourselves.more

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