Lightbound Communication System


Live in the light of those you love most

Lightbound is a communication system designed to enable two loving individuals feel present in each other’s lives despite physical distance. The prototype consists of a pair of networked objects that mediate ambient light as a subtle, non-verbal language of mutual awareness. Individuals can communicate through touch which is translated into a continuous pulsating light representing his or her real-time heartbeat. Light bound attempts to harness the poetic dimension of technology by facilitating individual connections with people who make us happy.

Emilia Tapprest

  • Emilia Tapprest
    Aalto University

    "Design and technology affect our behaviour in ways we barely notice. It can alienate as well as reconnect, satisfy our instant desires or, in turn, help us develop and flourish. Who’s values do we design for? During my bachelor studies at the Aalto University I realized that prototyping alternatives is far more effective than merely criticizing current developments in technology. This is why most of my projects materialize in social interventions or interactive objects that can be experienced in real-life context. At the moment I am intrigued by possibilities of multimodal interaction for increasing bodily awareness and sensitizing ourselves to our surrounding reality."more

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