London City Trailer


Move big belongings by bike

London City Trailer is a simple cargo trailer for people who chose cycling instead of driving. It is compatible with bicycle-sharing systems and works with rented and privately owned bikes. According to a study by the Cyclelogistics Foundation, almost 100% of goods are transported within cities by motorised vehicles, often over short distances and by heavy vehicles; when they could be transported by bike. London City Trailer provides a cheap, clean and healthy means of transporting goods through the city.

Jan Libera

  • Royal College of Art

    Jan Libera is Warsaw based product designer. He graduated from the Design Products department at the Royal College of Art in London (MA 2016) and Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (BA 2014 Hons). Jan believes that the main purpose of design is discovering smart, human-centered solutions for real problems people face in everyday life. His design process begins with deep understanding the context of any given case. Jan combines manual prototyping skills, advanced new technologies together with constant testing and improving process. Such approach leads him to innovative and interesting outcomes.more

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