Open-source designs for medical supplies

3D-printed and open source products are often cited as an alternative to the current shortage of medical supplies. However, without medical validation, these can create a false sense of safety and expose people to contamination. Project M3Dimensions proposes a medically-validated repository of designs to be made publicly available and open source. Such repository would allow people and organisations with access to 3D-printing facilities around the world to support the local production of safe medical supplies, such as masks, shields and goggles.


  • Rochester Institute of Technology

    We are a group of students at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York that came together in 2019 through a love of 3D printing and technology. The team is composed of engineers and computing students with many different talents. The work we do focuses on creating 3D printing orthopaedic models. These models can be used for educational purposes or in surgical planning to improve patient outcomes. In the latter we take patient scans (CT) and convert them into a digital file that can be 3D printed. The bone models can then be manipulated to increase visualisation or practiced on to gain experience with surgical technique.more

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