Novel starch modification


Thickening foods and improving their nutritional value without adding calories

Starch, the traditional ingredient for thickening food, adds empty calories and increases the cost of ingredients.

This innovative solution uses thermal treatment and subsequent coagulation of corn and amaranth starch to increase the viscosity of foods without adding unnecessary calories. The enhanced water-holding capacity contributes to 1000-time higher viscosity compared to native starch meaning the cost of ingredients is also reduced. The gelatinised starch particles are nano-sized and do not alter the texture of the food.


  • Peilong Li

    Peilong Li

    Cornell University

    Peilong Li is a Ph.D. candidate studying food science at Cornell University. He obtained the B.S. degree from Hong Kong Baptist University and the M.S. degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst. He comes from a research background of bioactive encapsulation, interfacial science, and lipid chemistry. His current research area includes starch modification, exploration of surfactants, and application of microemulsions. He has been leading multiple projects funded by industry partners including PepsiCo and Tate&Lyle. He has published numerous research articles in peer-reviewed journals, including ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Food Hydrocolloids, Food Chemistry, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. more

  • Alireza Abbaspourrad

    Alireza Abbaspourrad

    Cornell University

    Dr. Alireza Abbaspourrad is an assistant professor at Cornell University. Scientific inquiry in the Abbaspourrad Group is at the interface between engineering, chemistry, biology, and physics. His research interest is in the fundamental behaviors of soft matter and active soft matter for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. Abbaspourrad group has published over 200 scientific articles in numerous journals including PNAS, ACS Nano, Angewandte Chemie, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Dr. Abbaspourrad’s works have been cited more than 6500 times (h-index > 40). more



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