Rainwater recovery system for community areas

Water is becoming a scarce resource, collecting it should be a communal objective.

Collecting water, a fundamental life-source, can also be a pretext for making human connections. The rainwater collected in the courtyards of buildings becomes the basis of this system making water available to everyone. The movement of the flow is diverted to bring the inhabitants together, engaging them in the process from the collection to the distribution of the water serving the needs of urban agriculture.

Solène Meinnel

  • Solène Meinnel

    Solène Meinnel

    École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI)

    Trained at ENSCI Les Ateliers, and the Estonian Academy of Arts, Solène began her career at the art direction agency Services Généraux where she worked in scenography before accompanying the development of urban and architectural projects with the designer Samuel Wilkinson in London. She developed her taste for field studies and a desire to accompany the evolution of urban spaces in relation to societal changes. She is keen to bring to life imaginary visions through user research. Solène likes it when it becomes a reality. She uses notions like the commons, energy, mobility and consumer goods as a lever for ecological transformation and social justice more


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