Wind generating drone to help olive farmers

Olive harvesting tools are inefficient meaning the process is costly and environmentally harmful.

OlivAir gives growers the ability to generate the wind conditions required to make olives fall in the desired location at the exact degree of ripeness necessary. This results in 20% less olive wastage and 3 times faster harvesting, in a manner that replicates nature and requires no mechanical intervention and consequent damage to trees caused by traditional shaking methods.




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Roma Tre University


  • Diana Zagarella

    Diana Zagarella

    Roma Tre University

    Co-founder and CEO of Olivair, she holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and is currently pursuing a master's degree in aeronautical engineering at the University of Roma Tre. She was born in Reggio Calabria, where her family has been growing olive trees for generations. Here she discovered olive growing and among the olive trees the idea for Olivair was born. She has extensive experience in theater acting. Due to her versatile nature, she has assumed the job of CEO, acting as a link between the technical and business sides of project development, and is also responsible for prototype design. more

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  • Giacomo Longaroni

    Giacomo Longaroni

    Roma Tre University

    I am a third-year physics student in my bachelor's degree, COO and co-founder of Olivair, always passionate about technology and innovation, in addition to scientific analysis skills over time I have developed communication skills through theater activities and team working and leadership skills as a physics student representative. I am currently in charge of the administrative and organizational side of the startup Olivair already winner of a national contest Dock3 the startup lab 2022. more

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  • Dario Marroccu

    Dario Marroccu

    Roma Tre University

    I am a third-year student of 'Communication Sciences' at the University of Roma3. I am developing a thesis on "Marketing for Agriculture 4.0", with a focus on the added value provided by technological innovations. Besides being passionate about business communication, I love communication in all its forms: from singing to dancing, via cinema and photography. I started building a network of players in the Italian olive growing world, writing interviews and looking for the best way to start positioning OlivAir in the minds of olive growers. more

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  • Alberto Zagarella

    Alberto Zagarella

    Roma Tre University

    Alberto Zagarella is currently the CFO of Olivair S.r.l. and a financial analyst in Valuation and M&A team of Pirola Corporate Finance S.p.A. in Milan. In Pirola Corporate Finance S.p.A. he assisted several companies in different stages of development with the goal of obtaining financial resources. Previously, he has been business developer of Empire Games S.r.l. and College Life Italia. He holds a Master degree in Corporate Finance from SDA Bocconi. more



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