Charge your electric car no matter where you are

Power Tank is a distributed system for charging electric vehicles. The project provides a network of on-demand charging modules that allows for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles without the need for a large-scale charging infrastructure. Power Tank users subscribe to a service that can deliver a charging module to them wherever they are, whenever they need it. When not in use, these charging modules are used as a reservoir of power to provide grid services in the company’s warehouse. Power Tank leapfrogs slow and expensive infrastructural development by providing a small scale, distributed service for providing alternative energy.

Team PowerTank

  • Collège des Ingénieurs

    Our team, the PowerTANK comrpises 5 members, of which 3 including me are pursuing an MBA while two others are doing their PhD. With multiple backgrounds and skillsets, our team collaborated wiith Enel, CERN. Collège des Ingénieurs Italia (CDI Italia) and Politecnico di Torino to give rise to the idea of PowerTANK. PowerTANK started from the big question of solving the hindrances that impede people from purchasing electric vehicles, and strives to provide a solution for it which does not involve large infrastructural investments.more

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