Radiation Shield


3D printed lead-free radiation shield

Conventional radiation shields made of lead-based materials cause musculoskeletal discomfort and are made of costly toxic materials

This innovative low-cost shield is 3d printed so can be customised to perfectly fit healthcare workers and patients, protecting them from unnecessary exposure to ionising radiation. Made from bismuth which is non-toxic and has similar if not better radiation attenuation properties than lead, the shield is also much lighter.


  • Ng Yong Pong

    Ng Yong Pong

    Pong is a barista, a photographer, an entrepreneur and a content creator, but most importantly, an engineering fanatic that is pursuing his Bachelor degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering. After wearing the weighty lead based radiation shielding apron in the hospital, he quickly realized a user-friendly, lightweight and safer alternative is needed by healthcare workers all around the world. Hence, the birth of the customizable radiation shield – Bismuth-PETG. more

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  • Muhd Luqman Hii Abd Qayyum Hii

    Muhd Luqman Hii Abd Qayyum Hii

    Luqman is a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering in Taylor’s University Malaysia. He is currently the Vice President of Taylor’s Robotics Club and is heavily involved in the club’s activities which includes the manufacturing of R2D2, research, design and simulation of a 3 degree of freedom robot arm for roadside restaurants, and has conducted multiple computer aided design workshops for foundation and degree students. Besides that, he is a boxing fanatic who enjoys his 5 am roadwork and shadowboxing routine. His future goal is to take on high responsibility roles in the design and manufacture of heavy machineries. more

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  • Alantino Raven Daniel

    Alantino Raven Daniel

    I am a student who is currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in Taylor’s University, Subang Jaya where during our semester break, we collaborated with the School of Engineering to fabricate a new material for radiation shielding using Bismuth and polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) to form a polymer composite. With promising results on radiation attenuation tests, we hope this composite will be the future of radiation shielding as this will replace the traditional lead based radiation shields which has many drawbacks. more

  • Shannen Kay Chan

    Shannen Kay Chan

    I am currently a final year medical student in Taylor’s University under a full scholarship and am also a professional swimmer who represents my state in national competitions. When I first experienced wearing a full suit radiation shield during my hospital training under cardiology, I realized the struggle that doctors have to face because of its heavy weight. Despite being someone who goes to the gym and trains on a regular basis, after only a 2 hours procedure, I started experiencing musculoskeletal pain myself and hence I realized the need for a change, for which our solution would be the Bismuth-PETG radiation shield. more



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