Resting Reef


Eco-burial system restoring nature for the next generation

Traditional cremations and burials are unsustainable practices accelerating climate change and damaging vital ecosystems

Resting Reef is a system of structures containing human ash and crushed oystershell, two elements which nourish and enhance marine growth. The personalised 3D printed reefs provide memorial legacies that restore nature for the next generations by increasing marine biodiversity, filtering water, preventing coastal erosion, and capturing CO2. An eco-burial service that truly regenerates life in the afterlife.


  • Aura Elena Murillo Pérez

    Aura Elena Murillo Pérez

    Royal College of Art Imperial College London

    Dual Master from the Royal College of Art and from Imperial College London. She has developed projects with a firsthand experience with death. These gave her the ability to discuss and work with sensitive topics, engage and collect testimonies from participants, and experience working with experts within mental health and deathcare services. more

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  • Louise Lenborg Skajem

    Louise Lenborg Skajem

    Royal College of Art Imperial College London

    Dual masters in Global Innovation Design from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. Her work focuses on designing sustainable solutions to complex problems and exploring biomaterials. She studied and experimented with seaweeds and oyster shells during her master's degree which lead to Resting Reef. Together with scientists she developed and tested the formula for the reef structures at Resting Reef. more

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