Self Esteem Shapers


Exercise equipment to tackle body obsessions

A growing number of young people feel that they do not have control over the world around them, turning instead to the micro-management of their own bodies. Obsessive behaviour and body issues are harmlessly packaged as ‘healthy living’, the body endlessly mediated and publicised on social media. Self-Esteem Shapers explores this behaviour through a line of domestic exercise equipment with the vanity and absurdity of their purpose built into the design. A series of short films accompanies the set, offering playful vignettes and interviews with subject specialists in order to analyse the situation with biting humour.

Camille Menard

  • Camille Menard
    École Boulle

    Graduated from Ecole Boulle in Paris, I recently win the Audi talents 2019. This award allow me to plan an exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in fall 2020. Convinced by the emancipatory leverage of design, I imagine and design objects or experiences to advance our understanding of the world.more


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