Wearable sensors for the vision impaired

Sensus is a wearable navigation device for the blind and visually impaired. It uses an infrared sensor that detects an obstacle and sends a vibration that intensifies when the obstacle is getting closer. The device can be attached to almost anything. It comes with several accessories that allow it to be clipped on to clothing, attached to a white cane or worn as a ring. These parts fit in a compact case that also acts as a charging station. The device’s form replicates the softness and comfort of a pillow, making it an object of necessity and desire.

Grazina Bockute

  • Grazina Bockute
    Vilnius Academy of Arts

    My name is Gražina Bočkutė and I am a recent industrial design graduate in Vilnius Academy of Arts. A multidisciplinary designer mostly interested in the fields of electronic design, product design, and graphic design. During my studies I created a wide variety of products : starting from souvenirs and furniture pieces, later continuing in electronics - from concrete speakers to wearable social robots. Different human behaviors inspire me the most and I also find myself irritated by a lot of products/situations/etc, therefore I enjoy thinking how these can be improved or changed. I have great passion for human-centered design, I see myself as a team-oriented, extremely curious, loving, creative, an open-minded person. This past year I have kept my focus on people with disabilities, specifically the visually impaired. The main research took almost a year and a half before I decided on the final idea for a product which I've materialized as my final bachelors' project.more

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