A wellness and sleep monitoring system for the visually impaired

Sleeye is an integrated app and device to improve sleep quality for the blind and visually impaired. Many individuals with this condition suffer from poor sleep patterns, due to extremely low illumination levels which disrupt their circadian rhythms, leading to poor sleep and daytime dysfunction. The product helps them develop a healthy sleep habit by utilising light box therapy and a sleep tracker to prevent the user falling asleep at the wrong time.


  • Zahra Ghiasi

    Zahra Ghiasi

    Art University of Isfahan

    Industrial designers who is trying to make a small impact on the way materials are used and eager to get in touch and collaborate with anyone who shares the same passion to make it happen.more

  • Farzaneh Mangelian babaki

    Farzaneh Mangelian babaki

    University of the Arts Tehran

    Our interest in lighting design and increasing human life wellbeing built up our team foundation. Even though we both did our bachelor's at the same university, currently we are pursuing a master's of industrial design in different universities. more

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