Soap Tattoos


Teaching hygiene through fun

Encouraging kids to frequently wash their can be a powerful tool to contain disease spread - however a big a challenge to parents and educators. How might we leverage on children's natural curiosity to encourage hand washing? . Soap Tattoos can be the answer. The surface of each sticker has a film of soap that hides a pleasant surprise. In order to reveal the secret beneath the facade, children are motivated to wash the soap film off, and in that process, hands get cleaned.


  • Nacho Vilanova

    Nacho Vilanova

    Imperial College London Royal College of Art

    Having lived in Norway, India, Indonesia, Hungary, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom, Nacho developed an interest in addressing individual societal issues, while celebrating cultural diversity. This passion motivates him to bridge the gap between science and society, and understanding that design is present in all aspects of our lives. As he puts it: Design your own world. Searching for creative and practical solutions that improve human welfare led Nacho to pursue a double master’s programme in Innovation Design Engineering at both the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.more

  • Kevin Chiam

    Kevin Chiam

    National University of Singapore Royal College of Art Imperial College London

    I have always perceived design as a conversation between people and the encompassing environment. To me, common sense is thus crucial and is often the cornerstone for successful translations. My philosophy is therefore to design with sensitivity such that it is simple, engaging and pleasurable. Curious about the motivations behind interactions and people’s behaviour, I observe, tinker and question the world around me. Such knowledge empowers me to explore various domains from product, service, interaction, branding to medical, spatial and exploratory design.more

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