Social Gaming for the Elderly


Fun, creativity, and companionship for people confined to their homes

Social Gaming for the Elderly is a gaming platform that enables homebound seniors socialise from the comfort of their own homes. Its design removes the barriers that separate elders from the world of social gaming; a potential source of fun and companionship. Social Gaming for the Elderly’s uses a simplified console, built in camera and menu screens that can be navigated by voice or remote. Classic games like Scrabble, Bridge and Poker are offered, with more options possible.

Matthew Sanders

  • Matthew Sanders
    Rhode Island School of Design

    Matt originally came to RISD intending to be a painter. Having built cardboard armor and board-games as a kid, he chose industrial design instead. Industrial design is a field where right-brain-dominant feelers can concern themselves with practical, applied things. Much of his past work happens to address accessibility. He’s currently part of IBM Design while working on outside interests in areas of science, investing, and game design.more

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