Solar Tunnel


Sunlight for quarantiners

The lack of direct sunlight can lead to various physical and mental health consequences. Solar Tunnel channels sunlight from building roofs to interior spaces of densely built environments, through tubes made of reflective materials, providing natural light within living spaces.

Team Sunlight

  • Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INP Toulouse) Collège des Ingénieurs Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) Politecnico di Milano

    Giuseppe, Saverio, Walter and Andrea are four aerospace engineers who met in Toulouse, working for Airbus and Safran. From there on it was the start of a huge friendship, professional collaboration and trips together around the world. Giuseppe is a MBA fellow from College des Ingenieurs in Turin. He studied in Naples, Milan, Barcelona and Beijing. Walter is a Ph.D. for Safran Helicopters in Toulouse. He spent time researching and studying in different countries: Arlington (Texas), Delft, Milan, Bruxelles, Turin and Naples. He is constantly involved in research conferences around the globe. Saverio works as Innovation engineer for Safran, contributing to future products of his company. He studied in Turin, Milan and Toulouse, where he also worked for Airbus. Andrea is a Customer Support engineer for Mitsubishi in London. He worked previously in the context of Airworthiness for Airbus in Toulouse and studied in Rome and Milan. Different paths, stories, backgrounds linked by the passion to identify the next business solutions and love for good cooking and aperitif.more

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